IL Governor Asking for Appeal of Conceal Carry Ruling; Many Residents Question Decision

On Wednesday, IL Governor Pat Quinn announced that he is eager for an appeal of the recent Federal Court ruling that the concealed carry ban in IL is unconstitutional.  He has publicly mentioned that Attorney General Lisa Madigan should take the necessary steps to appeal the conceal carry ruling before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Illinois Governor Quinn

Illinois Governor Quinn

Illinois is the last state in the country that still has a concealed carry ban, and many of the state lawmakers would like to keep it that way.  Under the law, even if a resident of the state has a concealed carry permit from another state and has undergone all the necessary classes and background checks, and are registered firearm owners; they still cannot legally carry their firearm within the borders of the state.

Last year, in the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals a panel of three judges struck down the concealed carry ban, and gave the state a time limit of June 2013 to create legislation that would allow residents of Illinois to conceal and carry their firearms legally.  Illinois asked the court last month to reconsider the ruling; the request was declined.

Quinn is a Chicago based Democrat, and strong supporter of strict gun control, and an assault weapons ban.  He feels that violence, which has recently gone up in Chicago, is at “epidemic” proportions.   According to Quinn, the state of IL will be setting an example for the rest of the country by keeping their conceal carry ban in place.

Although Atty. General Madigan feels that the conceal carry ban is constitutional she would like to see what the IL lawmakers are able to come up with for conceal carry proposals before appealing the ruling.  Part of the reason for her decision may be due to the fact that she’s considering challenging Quinn in next year’s race for governor.

The concealed carry ban, as well as Governor Quinn’s desire to take the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court has many legal gun owners and Gun Rights activists in the state shaking their heads.  There is concern that Quinn’s push for an appeal may not be the most fiscally responsible move for the state, especially given the current economy in much of IL.

In fact, many gun rights advocates feel that Democrats like Quinn and Madigan are working to eliminate the second amendment from residents of the state, and they have taken several opportunities to make sure that their voices are heard.

Ultimately, it appears that lawmakers will still be finding a way to allow Illinois residents to conceal and carry their firearms legally.   There have been many amendments considered to this point, all of which have been passed over partly because they may appear too restrictive to Gun-rights advocates.  Some of the restricted areas include casinos, stadiums and schools but include many other locations, as well.

For her part, Atty. General Lisa Madigan seems content to see what legislation lawmakers can come up with because she says “then it would become moot,” to appeal.  She denied that stalling was a political ploy.

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Written by Melissa Knight

Melissa Knight

Melissa Knight is a Tennessee resident, and has been an avid journalist all her life. She has acquainted herself with everything from business to finances, but finds her home to be the health niche. For over a decade she has taken a vast interest in all things news- particularly trending news stories. She has gathered her plethora of knowledge in this field from experience, research, and prefers to be hands on when it comes to generating reviews and informative posts. Melissa has an uncanny talent for bringing forth informative and engaging written word that is under-sensationalized, brutally honest, and extremely helpful for individuals who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle while seeking advice, tips, and guidance through online means.

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2 thoughts on “IL Governor Asking for Appeal of Conceal Carry Ruling; Many Residents Question Decision

  1. One would think that with all the fiscal difficulties facing the taxpayers of Illinois, the governor would be less interested in wasting scarce resources on a futile battle to deny law abiding citizens their constitutional rights and more on what got Illlinois in this mess!

    Wake up Governor! Lead the state out of this fiscal crisis!

    Don’t worry about law abiding citizens wanting to exercise their right to protect themselves and their families… I haven’t read about any lawful concealed carry citizen going on a shooting rampage. If you want to solve the gun violence problem in Illinois get with your political pals in Chicago and start with the gang bangers who are in control of the streets there.

    Join the rest of the country and stop fighting concealed carry! 49 other states can’t be wrong, can they?

  2. Governor Quinn has it partly right. Illinois is certainly setting an example for a reason to have conceal & carry! Chicago metro area is setting all time records of violent crimes and homicides and while having one of the strictest gun laws in the Nation. Of course Washington D.C. also has an equally restricting conceal and carry law. How’s that working out?

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