What is the Meaning of Mother’s Day?

mdMother’s Day is this Sunday and some people consider this a “Hallmark Holiday.”  In this article let’s explore the factual development of Mother’s Day and one of the many meanings of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day was started in the 1850s by Ann Reeves Jarvis of West Virginia.  She started a Mothers’ Day Work Club in order to teach women proper child-care techniques and sanitation methods.

Ann Jarvis’ daughter, Anna Jarvis worked tirelessly to make Mother’s Day a national holiday and that is how the factual part happened.  Now we carry on the celebration of all types of mothers.

What does it take to be a ‘real’ mom?  It has nothing to do with pregnancy or an official seal on a birth certificate, as a matter of fact, the definition of mother is to bring up (a child) with care and affection: “the art of mothering.”

With this real definition in mind, I realized that not only has my mom done this, but so has my grandma’s and my aunt’s.  They all have always shown care, affection and unconditional love.  They are there through the good and bad.  I will always be grateful to all of the “mom’s” in my life and use the standards they set to continue on with my kids’ and love the way I have been loved.

Mother’s Day is  a time to reflect on the lessons we’ve learned from our “mom’s” and the way those teachings have shaped who we are and how we instill values in our own families.

As a caregiver to my 69-year old mom and a mother myself, Mother’s Day has become a holiday that I am cherishing more and more as years pass by.  Families are dynamic and often burdened with conflict that people can hold on to for decades.

It is important to learn, more now than ever, that when you get to the point in life where you begin to act as a caregiver to a loved one, you have to let it go!  Letting go and forgiving is such an important part of the beginning steps of caregiving and it is your decision to make. Holding on to resentment and anger can make this process a negative experience and it needs to be a positive one and even strengthen your relationship with your parent.

On Mother’s Day, we can honor mothers in many ways. Serving as a loving, devoted caregiver is one — recognizing what our mothers have taught us is another.

I recently came across this poem and would like to share it and wish all mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day!


Who is this woman I am talking to
she makes no sense to me
she’s not as strong or active
as she used to be.

She sits a lot each day now
in her favorite chair
the little things that bothered her
no longer seem to care.

She talks when she’s not spoken to
to someone I can’t see
I wonder who is this woman
can someone please tell me.

I wonder who this woman is
that’s been around me so very long
she was once young and able
and she was beautiful, and strong
she’d tuck me in my bed at night
when it was dark, and late.

She would cook me the best food
that I have ever ate
but now when I look at this woman
I find myself getting sad.

She is not the same woman
and that makes me mad
this woman is my mother
she’s getting very old you know
and when I look into her eyes
I wonder where the years did go
the years that she held me
the years she sang to me
the years she chased me around the yard
as happy as can be.

But now when I talk to her
she doesn’t even know my name
to see my mother like this
is driving me insane
and so I sit and write a poem
a poem that is just for you
all I really want to say mom
is Happy Mothers Day
….. and I love you.

Love is what matters most in the world. Time goes by fast and people come and go out of your life so quickly, so you should never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.


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Written by Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter

Lisa Carter is a newbie writer that is on the verge of becoming a very talented journalist. Her passion for writing has always been kindred to her heart. But, her recent career change in the medical field has led her to us. And now finally she is pursuing her deepest passion of covering health news, and advancing as a professional journalist. She is ecstatic about being a part of retirelikeme.com and will make it her mission to provide readers on the site with “real facts” and deep insight into the latest breaking news around the world.

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